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2014-catalog-thumb2014 Product Catalog (20 MB PDF)
Full Aldes product line (prices not included)

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• Building Air Quality Solutions
An Overview of American ALDES Ventilation Corporation
• Stack Effect in Tall Buildings
In-depth presentation on understanding, calculating and correcting stack effect
• Multi-Family & Hotel Ventilation Strategies
Centralized and compartmentalized ventilation strategies


• Home Ventilation Systems
One Solution Does NOT Fit All
• Finding Acceptable IAQ with ASHRAE 62.2-2013
From March/April 2014 issue of Mechanical Business
• ASHRAE Standard 62.2
Detailed information about ASHRAE Standard 62.2 2010
• Indoor Air Quality
Introduction to Indoor Air Quality
• HRV/ERV Installation
Considerations for Locating, Installing and Ducting HRV/ERVs
• Controlling Stack Effect
Controlling stack effect in ventilation duct risers promotes energy efficiency and IAQ
• ASHRAE Climatic Guide
Appropriate Residential Products Based on ASHRAE Climate Zone
• Multi-Family Product Guide
Ventilation Products for Low- and High-Rise Multi-Family Dwellings
• Commercial Product Guide
Products for Commercial Applications
• Constant Airflow Regulator Selection Guide
Choosing the Appropriate Constant Airflow Regulator (CAR-II)
• Constant Airflow Register Selection Guide
Choosing the Appropriate Constant Exhaust (CER) or Constant Supply Register (CSR)
• Zone Register Terminal Selection Guide
Choosing the Appropriate Zone Register Terminal (ZRT)
• HRV/ERV Selection Guide
Choosing the Appropriate Aeromatic™ Series HRV or ERV




• PATH Field Results on CARs
Final report on the Evaluation of Constant Airflow Regulators
• Multifamily Ventilaton Retrofits for Energy Savings
Constant Airflow Regulators remove the guesswork in balancing exhaust systems
• Airport Noise Mitigation Programs
Using Blending Units & Constant Airflow Regulators
• Energy Star goes Multi-Family
Residents can enjoy affordable apartments, low energy bills, and healthy indoor environments
• Nation's 2nd Energy Star Multi-Family Building
Myrtle Avenue Apartments was awarded the 2nd Energy Star label for high-rise residential buildings in the country
• Mid-rise Condo Uses Aldes HRV for LEED Points
First LEED for Homes Mid-rise in New York City installs American Aldes HRV for continuous supply of fresh air
• Fixing Multi-family Ventilation Systems
New York Energy Research and Development Authority funds project to demonstrate a fix for ventilation systems using American Aldes Constant Airflow Regulators
• HVAC Riddle
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development solves HVAC riddle with American Aldes Constant Airflow Regulators



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